Want to get through airport security after the upcoming federal deadline? Upgrade your driver license to a Real ID today!

Real ID symbol

New flight requirements coming soon

On May 7, 2025, the federal government's REAL ID Act will fully go into effect, requiring all Americans to show a Real ID-compliant driver license, current U.S. Passport or other accepted form of identification to get through airport security or enter secure federal buildings.

For most people, the simplest of these forms of identification to obtain and carry with them is a Real ID driver license, since it's the same size and cost as a regular driver license, and it's easy to book an appointment to get one now.

Correct Driver License
Nevada driver licenses that are Real ID compliant have a star in the upper-right corner, and will allow you to fly
Old Driver License
Nevada driver licenses that are NOT Real ID compliant have NO star, will NOT allow you to fly, and should be upgraded now

Get Ready to get your Real ID

Upgrading to a Real ID is easier than you may think. Just gather a few documents that prove your 1) Identity, 2) Social Security and 3) Nevada Residency, then bring them to your local DMV appointment.

All documents must be originals. If you don't have one of the documents you need, learn what to do here.

1Proof of Identity (one document required)

Do you have ONE of the following documents? If possible, select a document that has your current full name to avoid extra steps.

Is your current full name listed on your identity document?

1AProof of Name Change (one document required per name change)

If the name on your identity document is different than your current name, do you have one of the following?

2Proof of Social Security (one document required)

Do you have ONE of the following documents, showing your full Social Security number and current legal name?

3Proof of Nevada Residency (two different documents required)

Do you have TWO of the following documents? Documents must be dated within the past 60 days and show your name and Nevada residential address – printouts from online accounts are allowed.